Fit Actresses over 60

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Fit Actresses over 60
Hollywood has been setting trends and changing attitudes for decades.  From fashion to politics to social issues, the voice of Christie BrinkleyHollywood can be heard around the globe. It both influences and reflects our culture and times. Through the allure of entertainment, Hollywood delights in the big, the bold and the monolithic. Opinions may differ over whether Hollywood’s influence on cultural trends is good or bad. But no one can argue that the recent trend toward celebrating actresses who stay healthy and fit over the age of 60 is definitely a positive one. The shift from ridiculing actresses who dare to age, to admiring them for keeping fit most likely reflects the recent demographics created by the baby boomers. This massive generation now makes up the largest, healthiest and longest living population of retirement age people in history.  Accustomed to celebrating youth, Hollywood is finally ready to admit that aging happens, and handling it well is worthy of attention.
christie-brinkley-1-320So which actresses have made it to the list of fit over 60 in Hollywood? There is an impressive list.
Topping off the list is none other than the gorgeous Christie Brinkley. The former Sports Illustrated cover girl decided to kick off her sixties by posing for the January issue of People Magazine in a stunning swimsuit. Says a confidant Christi, “At this age, I do whatever I want. I’m actually excited about turning sixty. I feel like I’m on top of my game”.  Christi, a spokeswoman for the Total Gym, credits her youthful appearance to working out regularly, adhering to a vegan diet and staying positive and engaged with the world around her.



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Jane FondaEighties fitness icon, Jane Fonda looks toned and radiant at 74.  She maintains that she doesn’t work out because she loves working out, but she values what exercise does for her. Believing that staying active is even more important as one ages, she has just released her new fitness DVD’s aimed at people over 50, “Prime Time Walkout” and “Prime time Fit and Strong”.  In addition to following a balanced healthy diet, Jane lifts weights, walks, cycles and uses the elliptical machine 3 to 5 times a week.  Working out is a way of life which has afforded Jane with the strength to keep doing the activities she loves. Says Jane, “Every time I get in and out of a car without help, I thank God I’ve always worked out!”






Raquel WelchRaquel Welch has kept her voluptuous figure svelte and trim for decades. The secret to this fit 70 year olds’ youthful physique is diet and exercise. Following a 6 day a week workout schedule, she practices yoga, lifts weights and does cardio. Paying close attention to a low carb, gluten free diet, she makes sure her plate is filled with organic fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.  A proponent of a natural approach to beauty, she believes that “Plastic surgery just doesn’t do the trick. You absolutely have to have an exercise program that you practice every day”







A spokesperson for the American Heart Association, 63 year old Sigourney Weaver takes pride in keeping herself as fit and healthy as she can. A proponent of natural foods and alternative therapies, she also practices periodic dieting. As she told the “Daily Mail”, “As lovely as drinking campaign and eating sumptuous foods is, the body needs to recover from these excesses”. In Sigourney Weaveraddition to following a healthy food plan and taking nutritional supplements, she is a proponent of getting her cardio throughout the day by brisk walking or running up and down the stairs. She also loves practicing Pilates every day.








Slender, sleek and petite, the 5’3, 115 pound Jane Seymour keeps her physique slim and toned through eating a sensible, balanced diet, and doing isometrics, Pilates and fast walking. Jane believes in a natural approach to maintaining a youthful appearance. Jane SeymourAlthough she admits to a trying Botox, having an eyelift, and breast implants, she’s not rushing to get plastic surgery to stop the ravages of age. “I’m proud of my wrinkles! They give my face character. As an actress, you mess with that at your own peril.”










By Jeannie Brown

Jeannie Brown