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The Bliss Crew

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Leslie McCarroll

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At Bliss Babe, we work towards engaging with our audience by facilitating honest conversations, and information, for real everyday woman of all styles, creeds, and colors that encompass and rock the bliss life every day.

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Bliss Babe strives to empower women of all ages to participate fully in building a blissful and emotionally healthy life across all sectors and encourages emotional and physical well-being as an essential part of building stronger communities and achieving individual goals.

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Our stories and information help readers to achieve fulfillment in all aspects of their lives. All of the Bliss Babe content we collect from work and culture to living well and style—are personal, inspiring, educational and culturally relevant.

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Bliss Babe provides women information and tools to travel and explore the world in a pioneering way. From day trips to digital detox retreats, Bliss Babe works to provide readers with female-focused travel advice and tips.

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Bliss Babe provided information and seasonal advice on best practices and how to approach dating, attracting, entertaining, laughing and rocking the bliss life. Whether you are looking to learn proper etiquette or simply how to prepare for a special gala Bliss Babe provides the road map to it's readers.