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When Alex Rayppy walks into a room, time slows down. It’s not just the show-stopping smile or the twinkling eyes that make her so compelling.
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Kelly Valentine has music in her blood, and keeps it pumping and vibrant with every practice and performance as the femme fatale in Valentine Rodeo.
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Want to be a part of a Reno tradition that has been going on for 82 years? If you are a Reno native you are well aware of the “Wildest Richest Rodeo in the West.”
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At this time of the year everyone’s thoughts turn from the slopes to the shore.
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Fizio is a fitness facility and athlete recovery lounge located in downtown Reno at 400 Mill St.

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Jet Set

Why visit such a faraway place? Well, for one, it has been on the Top Cities in the World to Visit list over and over again. Secondly, for me, it’s the city of my college days.  

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Since opening their doors in Reno’s Midtown District in 2013, 1864 Tavern has captured the hearts and the taste buds of natives and visitors alike.

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Get Great Glutes!!

Get Great Glutes by Chelsey Walton Model: Chelsey Walton Photo by: Amir Marandi Since yoga pants are all the range these days, and it’s that time of year to whip out your leggings and boots, we have to make sure our backside is in extra good shape. It’s time to...

Chocolate Banana Nut Shake

Chocolate Banana Nut Shake by Angelina Mullins & Colt Prattes of & Aphrodite Board of Expert [caption id="attachment_2817" align="aligncenter" width="588"] Chocolate Banana Shake by www.RippedTogether.comColt Prattes & Angelina Mullins[/caption]  ...

Is your wine “sponge worthy?

Is your wine “sponge worthy”? The amount of wine in today’s marketplace is unprecedented.  The number of choices, styles, blends and varietals is one of the appealing aspects of wine consumption in the modern era.  However, with the increased number of selections available the consumer is...

5 Tricks to get Celebrity Camera Ready!

5 Tricks I Use To Get Celebrities Camera Ready by Kyle Brown~Celebrity Personal Trainer   With all of the award shows going on, celebrities are under the microscope the second they step onto the red carpet and therefore need to make sure they show up looking their best....