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No one has ever told Karina’s story – the challenges she’s experienced, and the potential she has today.

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BLUE OCTOBER is the Texas-based band known for its shimmering melodies and heart-string pulling lyrics, boasting a powerful line-up of players and one of the most emotionally charged and magnetic front men in music today in Justin Furstenfeld.

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It is very unusual to start ballet at eighteen years old and become a ballet dancer. It is actually unheard of to dance professionally after starting so late in the game.

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If there is anything better than being pampered at a spa, I haven’t found it. There is nothing like stepping into a peaceful place dedicated to melting your troubles away.

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Bliss Babe is excited to announce our collaboration with Crunch Fitness. We are so thrilled that our print version of Bliss Babe will be available at select locations throughout Northern California.

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Jet Set

The food, beauty, and culture of Miami are truly something to be experienced. When I started planning my trip to the “Magic City” it didn’t take long before my list of must-see spots overflowed the page.

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KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. I’ve always loved this acronym as it has become a recurrent theme in my life. Recently, in an attempt to satisfy my sweet tooth, my taste buds and I toured Reno.

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